Best 5G Mobile Phones, Top 5G Smartphones in India


Best 5G Phones Mobile Phones:  Technology is going advance day by day and internet is becoming main part of our life. There was a time when needed lot of time to download a very small file on 2G network and then we progressed to 3G and current era is using 4G with ease and very low price. Now some tech companies also started testing of 5G network in US region. The 5G Wireless technology is adopted from the LTE Advanced Pro design.Though the anticipation level for best 5G Mobile Phones among the users is rising every day as of now, the 5G Wireless Technology is still in processing and is expected to be out at the end of 2018.

5G Technology in India

India is progressing rapidly in tech field. As you people are already aware that 4G Smartphones has gained a huge profit and are also leading the smartphone world. As far as network is concerned, JIO is doing excellent job to provide speedy internet at very cheap price. Now India is key market for 4G headset. Now companies are making big efforts to bring 5G Smartphones at cheap price with advance and attractive features. JIO already confirmed that they working with Samsung to bring 5G connectivity as soon as possible.

List of 5G Mobile phones, 5G Smartphones

All the big brands of the world making best efforts to bring first 5G smartphone in market. We can see it happen very soon Nokia 5G Smartphones, Samsung 5G Smartphones. So here we have listed the Best 5G Smartphones 2017 which are going to begin soon with modern and ultimate technology. Now let us have a glance at the given below details.

#1 ZTE Gigabit Phone, ZTE 5G Smartphone


This is the only device in the list which is officially announced yet. ZTE Gigabit phone was showcased at MWC 2017 Event, Barcelona in February, 2017. This smartphone offers beautiful features and functions with advanced technology.  This is the First 5G Smartphone in the World officially unveiled by any brand. This technology was expected to launch around 2021. But, the introduction of this smartphone has emerged as an outshining factor.

ZTE is looking into the ZTE Gigabit Phone with 5G compatibility

Nokia 5G Mobile Phone


The fastest Internet technology is on the pace of the universe. By keeping up this, the smartphone industries started to work on the compatibility of the 5G mobile network technologies on their handsets. Earlier, the Nokia made its collaboration with the HMD to make the smartphones with the Nokia branding. Therefore, it may be possible that Nokia along with the HMD will come with the best 5G Mobile phones that is also said to be the Nokia 5G Mobile phone.

Samsung 5G Smartphone


Samsung is highest smartphones seller in the World. Their efforts on this field are marvellous. The company is testing 5G connectivity in USA’s 5 major cities with verizon. Samsung Note 8 might be the first smartphone to carry 5G compatibility with it. JIO is also collaborating with Samsung to provide 5G network in India by 2020.

Apple 5G Mobile Phone


This article can’t be complete without talking about Apple as we know the company is ruling in Smartphone industry. The company is also known to bring something knew on their products. There are the rumors circulating in the rumor mill that the Cupertino-based manufacturing firm is also working on the 5G mobile phones. With this rumor, we are expected that the first Apple 5G mobile phone will come in the form of Apple iPhone 8. If you want to know, the Apple iPhone 8 release date and other details, click on the below-mentioned link. It is expected to be the best 5G mobile phones.

Best 5G Mobile Phones 2017


Currently, 5G technology has not made debut in market. It will take some time to be happen in real world experience. The launch of this smartphone will inevitably occur as a breakthrough, and groundbreaking concept as this is going to be the best 5G mobile phones in India and world. So we high hopes from this device. The 5G mobile phones price will reveal after the official launch.


  • Zenfone AR is my dream phone because of very unique features of “Artificial intelligence”