Best 5G Mobile Phones, Top 5G Smartphones in India


Best 5G Phones Mobile Phones:  There was a time when needed lot of time to download a little file on the 2G network and then we progressed to 3G and current era is using 4G with ease and little price. Now some tech companies also started testing of the 5G network in US region. The 5G Wireless technology is adopted from the LTE Advanced Pro design. Now technology is becoming more advanced as time passing. 5G is ready to hit the market, expected to be real in 2020. All the well-known brands are making big efforts to take it to their consumers. Without wasting any further time, let’s start!

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List of 5G Mobile phones, 5G Smartphones

All the big brands of the world are making best efforts to bring first 5G smartphone in the market. We can see it happen very soon Nokia 5G Smartphones, Samsung 5G Smartphones. So here we have listed the Best 5G Smartphones 2017  are going to begin soon with modern and ultimate technology. Now let us have a glance at the given below details.

ZTE Gigabit Phone, ZTE 5G Smartphone


This is the only device in the list which is officially announced yet. ZTE Gigabit phone was showcased at MWC 2017 Event, Barcelona in February 2017. This smartphone offers beautiful features and functions with advanced technology.  This is the First 5G Smartphone in the World officially unveiled by any brand. However, at present, there is no telecom company available to provide 5G services, but at least, you have the option to invest money to get 5G services soon.

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Samsung 5G Smartphone


Samsung is highest smartphones seller in the World. Their efforts on this field are marvelous. The company is testing 5G connectivity in USA’s five major cities with Verizon. Samsung Note 8 might be the first smartphone to carry 5G compatibility with it. JIO is also collaborating with Samsung to provide the 5G network in India by 2020.

ZTE is looking into the ZTE Gigabit Phone with 5G compatibility

Nokia 5G Mobile Phone


Once there was a time when Nokia was the global leader regarding selling cell phone, but it slowly fell and disappeared from industry. The company name was sold to Microsoft to use “Nokia” tag on their smartphones, but it proved failed attempt by giving a massive loss to Microsoft. Earlier, the Nokia made its collaboration with the HMD to make the smartphones with the Nokia branding. Therefore, it may be possible that Nokia along with the HMD will come with the best 5G Mobile phones that are also said to be the Nokia 5G Mobile phone.

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Apple 5G Mobile Phone

Apple is one of the biggest smartphones manufacturer in the smartphone industry and article can’t be complete without mentioning Apple’s effort in this field. With this rumor, Apple might start its 5G journey with iPhone 8 which and will make it first Apple 5G mobile phone. To know more stay tuned with us for more information regarding this.

5G Technology in India

India is progressing rapidly in the tech field. As you people are already aware that 4G Smartphones has gained a huge profit and are also leading the smartphone world. As far as the network is concerned, JIO is doing an excellent job to provide fast internet at the meager price. Now India is the key market for the 4G headset. Companies are making big efforts to bring 5G Smartphones at the low price with advance and attractive features. JIO already confirmed that they are working with Samsung to bring 5G connectivity as soon as possible.


5G technology has been officially announced, but we are far away to take the hand of it in real world usage, at least 3-4 year in Indian subcontinent while the US is looking to get it first. As above mentioned, Samsung is already started talking with JIO to give 5G ready smartphones across the country. The new technology will change our lifestyle with fastest internet speed, but we have to wait to know that how affordable will it be for ordinary consumers. Hopefully, you like this article. If you have any suggestion or question, let us know in below comment section!


  1. India me Jald se jald Launch kare to 5G Phones Ki wait Karne walo ko Bahut Hi Khusi Hogi Q Doston….????

  2. I think, just i think ur wrong about 5g in India but ,ur telling 5g coming in 2020 but I think maximum people are afforded in starting in 2019….
    By the way,ur article is awesome because I am minimum time full article,and this time also I have ready full article one by one. thanks

  3. Guys, what’s the point in having a 5g handset without any 5g service around before 2020..
    Chill with your 4g phones for 3- 4 years..


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