Meizu has listed its smartphones which are eligible to get Android Nougat update. It will worth mentioning that the OS was introduced by good about a full year ago and LG V20 was the first smartphone to get it out of the box.

Anyway, coming to main topic, meizu has opened a beta beta program for compatible devices and registrations are opened on company’s official website. For those who are going to register on site, will start getting update from 10 July. Here is the list of Meizu smartphones to be updated with Android Nougat:

Meizu Smartphones to get Android Nougat (N) 7.0 update

  1. Meizu m3 note
  2. Meizu M3 Max
  3. Meizu M5 Note
  4. Meizu MX6
  5. Meizu Pro 5
  6. Meizu Pro 6s
  7. Meizu Pro 6
  8. Meizu Pro 6 Plus

Via: gsmarena
Source: Meizu



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