Meizu has started pushing a new update, bearing Flyme 6 Experience Edition with Android Nougat 7.0/7.1


The Chinese manufacturer Meizu has started pushing a new update for its devices in China. The good thing is that some of the devices are getting Android Nougat 7.0/7.1 based Flyme experience version. These devices are PRO 6 Plus, PRO 6, PRO 6s, PRO 5, MX6, Smile Blue E, Smell Blue Max, Charm Blue Note 5 and Charm Blue Note 3. However, this version is still in beta testing, therefore be prepared to face some bugs and some other issues.


With Android Nougat, the system update speed and application installation speed have been improved, and Meizu pay is now supporting bus card, bank card, Alipay to make the payment easier. If you are used to with QQ and Wechat split-screen feature, now it has been removed with new update as Android Nougat itself has this feature inbuilt.

Apart from that, some other device including MX5, MX4, MX4 Pro, charm blue X, charm blue U20, charm blue U10, charm blue 5s, charm blue 5, charm blue 3, charm blue 3s, charm blue 2 public version, charm blue 2 telecommunications version, charm blue Note2 , Charm Blue Note 2 telecom version, charm blue Note public version, charm blue Metal version altogether either eligible for Flyme update, though the Kernal is not upgraded to latest OS.

Before performing such an update, kindly read the change log given on official firmware page. Afterward, you would have an idea whether to upgrade to Beta version or not!

Eligible devices for Android 7.0/7.1 Flyme

Eligible devices for only Flyme


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