Mi Mix 2 wrong variants shipped affecting more than 300 buyers

China's most popular online store JD.COM has shipped wrong variants to its buyers. 64GB orders provided with 256GB variants whereas, 256GB applicants received 64GB storage variants.


Yesterday, we had reported about Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 sold in just 58 seconds on company’s official website. Apart from that, the device was also available on China’s one of the most famous online store JD.COM A.K.A. Jingdong. Due to speedy sales, the site faced an enormous shipping error during this flash sale. According to a post posted on company’s official Weibo account (jd.com), the error resulted in more than 300 users by shipping the wrong units. Accordingly, those who ordered 64GB variant has got 256GB and rest 256GB buyers instead received 64GB storage version.

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In this regard, the company has made an important statement for those who got affected with this misconception. The company declared that for those 198 buyers who received 64GB variant instead 256GB will get their units replaced, additional worth 700 RMB Beijing coupons will be sent as compensation. Remaining 140 prospects, who got higher variant instead of 64GB, can retain their devices. Further, the company added that they have already contacted to all the affected users and proceeding smoothly including apologies for its mistake.

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Mi Mix 2 58 seconds sale

Xiaomi’s most popular smartphone of the year Mi Mix 2 was on sale yesterday for the first time. You would be amazed to know that, it has been sold out in just 58 seconds. However, still, there is no clearance on how much units were available for sale, but Xiaomi official quoted before the launch that the stocks are sufficient.

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Sun Changxu, a well know market analyst, stated that more than 10 million enrollments were made, ahead of the device was made available for sale! She further added, these are shocking numbers for any smartphone priced above 3,500 RMB.  Additionally, company’s another device Mi 6 also sold out in a short period. The next sale of Mi Mix 2 will be held on September 19.

Source: Weibo (Chinese)