One Plus 3 Fixes Some Problem with New Update


The OnePlus 3 is currently receiving a new update which fixes auto-restrating bug. But unfortunately, update to OxygenOS 3.2.4 created more issue with LTE and break android pay. Besides call quality and auto-reboot, the 26 MB update changelog also mentions “various fixes and carrier optimizations”. But some users are reporting that the front-facing cameras auto-focus issue has not been fixed yet and some other users are reporting their devices dropping to 3G and even 2G within minutes of acquiring an LTE signal.
If you also facing this issue, you can lock your OnePlus 3 to LTE by opening the dialer, entering *#*#4636#*#* and then in Phone information, tap Preferred network type and select LTE only. But according to some users this is not working on their one plus 3 devices. If you still want to install this you can download Here. You will notify by one plus if you set auto update for your device.