Snapdragon 653 vs Snapdragon 625 comparison


Snapdragon 653 vs Snapdragon 625 – Qualcomm is the market leader in terms of producing a wide variety of mobile chipset. While ago, Qualcomm introduced two new chipsets Snapdragon 625 and 653 respectively. Both the SoC’s have their own pros and cons. So, we will be trying to do a fair comparison in between both these chipsets covering all the aspects. So without any further interruption, let’s get started:

Snapdragon 653 vs Snapdragon 625

 Snapdragon 653Snapdragon 625
Model Number8976Pro8953
CPUOcta-core 64-bit
4 x 1.95GHz Cortex-A72
4 x 1.44GHz Cortex-A53
Octa-core 64-bit
8 x 2.0GHz Cortex A53
GPUAdreno 510Adreno 506
MemoryLPDDR3 up to 8GB RAM (933 MHz)
eMMC 5.1 storage
LPDDR3 RAM (933 MHz)
eMMC 5.1 storage
Cameraup to 21MP
Dual camera, Dual ISP
Up to 4K Ultra HD video capture @ 30FPS
Up to 1080p video capture @120 FPS
Up to 24 MP camera
Dual camera, Dual ISP
Up to 4K Ultra HD video capture @ 30FPS
Codec SupportH.264 (AVC)
H.265 (HEVC)
H.264 (AVC)
H.265 (HEVC)
Display2560 x 1600 pixels
1080 x 1920 pixels
Full HD
Quick ChargingYes, Quick Charge 3.0, 2.0Yes, Quick Charge 3.0
Cat.7 300Mbps download
Cat.13 150Mbps upload
2x20MHz CA, up to 64-QAM
TE X9 Modem
Cat.7 300Mbps download
Cat.13 150Mbps upload
2x20MHz CA, up to 64-QAM
ANTUTU Score80k-85K60-65K

The Snapdragon 653 holds an octa-core 64-bit CPU including 4 x 1.95GHz Cortex-A72 and 4 x 1.44GHz Cortex-A53. Comparatively, Snapdragon 625 brings a weak CPU with 8 x 2.0GHz Cortex-A53 cores. Even though, SD625,s CPU not that powerful, though it is built on the 14nm process which is the main reason of great power efficiency and it offers balanced performance altogether. On another side, The SD653 employs 28nm process but has a great CPU strength with mighty Cortex-A72 cores.

Both the chipsets are very well optimized but still Snapdragon 653 having some minor heating issues which can be controlled by making optimisation on the software level. In terms of CPU, SD653 overkilled SD625 with a huge margin.

Adreno 510 vs Adreno 506, which one is better?

Regarding GPU, SD653 comes with Adreno 510 while 625 has Adreno 506 GPU with OpenGL ES 3.1+ API support for optimal gaming experience. Both the graphics card are capable to run mid to high-end graphics games. However, you might notice some lags while playing high-end games as both the GPU are designed for the mid-range device. Nevertheless, Adreno 510 has a slight edge over 506 GPU in terms of power but could cause some heating issues as well, meanwhile, Adreno 506 providing heating free experience.

Furthermore, The Snapdragon 653 supports up to 2560 x 1600 pixels display with Dual ISP up to 21MP or Dual 13MP + 13MP rear and front cameras. On the other hand, Snapdragon 625 is restricted to up to 1080 x 1920 pixels Full HD display and it supports up to the 24MP or Dual 12MP + 12MP rear and front camera combination. Both the chipsets are capable to record and play up to 4K videos @30fps and snapdragon 653 can also capture 1080p videos @120FPS which is not the case with 625.

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Moving on, LPDDR3 RAM (max. freq. 933 MHz) is supported on these chipsets with eMMC 5.1 storage. As for charging, these are quick charge 3.0 supported but SD653 can also take quick charge 2.0 rated adapters. As far as LTE modems are concerned, Both of these come with LTE X9 Modem 2x20MHz CA, up to 64-QAM which can go up to 300Mbps download and 150Mbps upload speed. If you believe in benchmarking score, it will worth mentioning that Snapdragon 653 powered devices are scoring around 80,000 to 85,000 and 625 devices scores are in between 60,000 to 65,000 on Antutu.


Wrapping it up, Both the processor seems very good on paper at least. The Snapdragon 625 beats 653 in terms of power efficiency, but Snapdragon 653 has very powerful CPU to perform heavy multitasking. In terms of GPU, Adreno 510 has a slight edge but Adreno 506 not bad either. All the necessary connectivity features are present on both including faster LTE speeds.

In my opinion, the Snapdragon 653 is a winner with a very less margin, but don’t forget, it is a power-hungry chipset and consumes battery rapidly. On the other hand, Snapdragon 625 is designed for balanced performance and performs very well on daily basis. What are your opinions? do share in below comment section!


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