Samsung remains top smartphones seller of 2016 despite Note 7 recall


Samsung Electronics topped up in 2016 by selling 308.5 millions units. Despite Note 7 recall, Samsung was best smartphone seller of 2017. Apple inc. remains on 2nd position by selling 215.5 million iPhones. iPhone’s profit was $44.9 billion out of $53.7 billion total, lot better than Samsung because of high end price.

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Huawei confirms 3rd position followed by Samsung and Apple with 137.4 million units sold in 2016, whereas Honor series sold 72.2 million and Ascend series did 65.7 million. Following Huawei, Xiaomi is on fifth position with 46.4 millions phones sold in past yers which is lower then its previous year sale. Xiaomi was sold 65 million units in 2015.

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Moving to other chinese players, Oppo and Vivo did lot batter in past year with 38.4 million units of R series smartphones while another Chinese brand Vivo sold 33.7 million X series and 25.6 million Y series smartphones last year respectively. Chinese maker making less profits compare to Samsung and Apple but they are growing rapidly. There motive is to provide more specs in less price and there playing number games in Asian market. These Chinese tech companies making tough challenge in mid-range segment.

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