Samsung S4 is Dangerous to Life


On wednesfay, here is a Scary experience with Samsung S4 Smartphones. I had a very narrow escape with my Samsung S4 . I felt my Samsung S4 grow very hot especially on the back panel just above the battery. I immediately opened the back panel and put the battery on the table. It exploded right in front of my eyes spewing smoke resulting in a fire alarm in my office building. The room could not be entered for a while due to the toxic fumes. It was horrifying to see it expanding like a balloon and then start spewing the smoke all around. I feel really lucky to have escaped and that the battery was away from the phone otherwise the results could have been catastrophic. If the phone was in my pocket (where I usually put it)  I cant even imagine what would the result of that have been.

Look at state of the battery which ate through my wooden office table leaving a permanent mark on the surface. What chance does human skin stand in this situation?The phone was not even getting charged nor was it over charged and not connected to any wires or charger at this point.

These phones are dangerous and are a hazard to life. I hope that there is a recall of these particular batteries and Samsung is more careful about what kind of products they bring out in the market.. …………..

Such random things can leave you shocked about being too complacent or confident on branded products. You never know when one might blow up in ur face.

A  similar incident apparently happened with a Samsung S3 in UK with a  teenager who got third degree burns on her thighs and lost all sense of feeling on the affected part.

Some lessons I learnt from this episode

  1. Men ………Never carry your phones in your pockets, you might lose your lineage.  Woman have it better atleast there is a handbag.
  2. Those forwards about not talking when the phone is getting charged……..start taking it seriously
  3. If u feel the phone getting hot please stop using it immediately.Talks can always resume later, the ears might not grow again. Keep the phone away and not on ur person as much as possible.
  4. The smarter the phones, the more scary they wink out of existence. It’s much better if they just stop working isn’t it?
  5. Now that I don’t have a mobile phone, my life hasn’t come to a stop. Ahh now to go buy another one Maybe I will go in for the dumb ones this time.

Latest update as of 20 Nov, 2013 on this fiasco, the company responded and has taken the set for analysis after taking pictures of the phone and battery from all angles. Had a bunch of people calling me up and promising me resolutions. Have been given an S2 as a standby till this is resolved. Lets c what happens next……………..
Samsung has agreed to replace my 6 months old S4 with a new one. However considering the circumstances I have agreed for a reimbursement of the amount since I will not use an S4 again !


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