Surmised Nubia Z18s leaked again with dual screen design (updated)


Update: Video updated with the original source link

ZTE recently announced the Nubia Z18 smartphone in an event at IFA 2018. But, there was another device, which was also rumored to make its entrance alongside named Nubia Z18s, but it hasn’t happened apparently. Lately, a promo poster was leaked claim to be Nubia Z18s with a dual-screen concept, but, then it stopped appearing. After taking a long two months of gap, the similar looking device has been surfaced again on the internet.

Alleged Nubia Z18s image

As shown in the above image, the front side of the device seems to be flatter, interestingly, no notch can be visible. The rear side either has a color display as well as a dual rear camera. However, this isn’t the first phone to bring dual-screen option. We have multiple phones available in the market with a similar kind of concept including Yotaphone 2 and Meizu 7 Pro, but here us a catch.

Unlike the Meizu 7 Pro and Yotaphone 3, but it seems Nubia device will be having a fully functional display, unlike Meizu 7 Pro and Yotaphone 2, where we can only perform specific tasks such notifications, weather etc. As of now, we can’t confirm the authenticity of the provided image, so you can take it as a pinch of salt. For further updates, stay tuned with us!


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