Best Free Cricket Games for Android Smartphones, Tablets in 2017 [Updated]


A few years ago, there was a time when only limited games were available to play. To play certain games, a high configuration PC was required for smooth play. As I am cricket freak, I was pretty much addicted to playing Best Cricket Games which was somehow tough to find that time. After mobile evolution, there are many good Cricket games available in Play Store which you can download if you are interested. In this article, we will be going to provide the list of best cricket games for Android Phones/Tablet. So, without any further ado, let’s get started:

Best Free Cricket Games for Android Devices

1. Cricket Career 2016 Free Download

If I had to choose for myself, I would pick “Cricket Career 2016” as my favorite game. I found it very addictive as I have been playing it since last two years. It comes with full filled lot of tournaments, but I liked its career mode which gives you the opportunity to make your career in this game. If you want to play it stress-free, just choose five overs game and play against any country without any limitation. As it is a 3D game, you can experience 3D graphics if you play it on a 3D compatible device.

Besides, this games has packed lot more features, and if you are cricket lover, you would definitely love it while playing this game. So What are you waiting for? Just download the game and start making your cricket career.

2. Big Bash 2016 Free Download

If you are looking for high graphics Cricket game, Big Bash 2016 would be the best game for you. Graphics of this game are just excellent, and I would say best graphics Cricket game ever. You can select your team to start playing Big Bash tournament. To remind, Big Bash League is second most popular domestic Cricket tournament After IPL. In this game, you can enjoy all the cricketing shots like cut, pull, sweep and much more with ease.

I have already enjoyed this game several times. One thing I found it while playing, it is very stressful kind of game, might be irritating after some time. Apart from that, the game provides very buttery smooth experience. To get the best performance, your device should have at least 2GB RAM and 100MB free storage.

3. Real Cricket 2017 Free Download

It is the most popular game of 2017. The Real Cricket 2017 has grabbed almost 50 million downloads on Google Play Store. It provides best 2D experience with great 2D Motion captured graphics. While using this game, you can create your team and put them into the competition.

Also, It has got some great features and simple interference to score big runs. I would recommend you this game if you want a stress free game. This game would be probably best cricket game of 2017.

4. Sticky Cricket Free Download

The Sticky Cricket is easiest to bat in this list, but the targets are also hard to get. In this game, you just have hit the ball, but timing is crucial to get the ball out of the rope. You might found it easy in early stages but tough to clear knockouts, almost impossible to chase score in the final match. I only once obtained the final in this game.

The unique set of animation makes this game one of the best Cricket game. You can enjoy this game your mobile as well as on the tablet. One good about this game is that you can even play older device it is capable to run on Android OS 2.3.3 and above, Also need very fewer resources so you can though enjoy on a fragile hardware device.

5. Cricket T20 Fever 3D Free Download

Cricket T20 Fever is full feature packed game. In this game, you can play ODIs, T20 Matches, and the exciting Powerplay style match. This is best 3D cricket game with eye catching and realistic graphics. If hit boundaries or take wickets, cheerleaders will dance for you to take the charm next level!

The game includes Six eye-catching venues including Lords & Eden Gardens. With this feature, you can take a tour of world class stadiums with 3D graphics along with TV broadcasting style camera to provide you an enhanced experience.

6. World Cricket Championship 2 Free Download

The best thing about World Cricket Championship 2 is that it comes with Hindi and English commentary built-in. This game is also getting regular updates to add some extra features. It has day and night mode so you can choose what you like.

The WCC2 has some unique shots such as Dilscoops, and reverse 360 ABD which could be key reasons to play for some. After the new update, these are several new functionalities added like LED stump, select your squad, direct hit/overthrow, Improved AI & Real-time shadows and much more. If you have already installed this game and still not update, you can move to the new version to enjoy new features.

So, this is our list of Best Free Cricket Games for Android Phones and Tablets of 2017. Hopefully, you are enjoying these games. If you think, any other game deserves better, you can write below in comment section, We will be happy to add in our upcoming articles.


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