Xiaomi’s crowdfunded QIN multi-parent AI phone goes official, Funding crosses CNY 1 million in first hour


Update: The company managed to grab worth 1 million CNY crowdfunding in just one hour of the opening. At the time of posting, it has crossed 5 million CNY and increasing further. The timestamp for this funding is set to 13 days, which will end on August 15.

Xiaomi just announces a new phone called QIN (multi-parent AI phone). This a crowdfunded third-party phone designed by the Xiaomi, and being shipped by Shenzhen Duojia Technology Co. Ltd. The key highlight of this device is the real-time voice translation. Basically, this is a feature phone with some advanced AI capabilities. The initiative was aimed to bring 1,000 registration but it has been already booked by 7,237 participants at the time of posting (numbers will increase as the time passes), according to official website.

The device features 2.8-inch 240×320 pixels display on the front. The body is 8.5 mm thick and comes with T9 physical button. It includes the features like dual SIM, dual standby, supports Wi-Fi, built-in small love classmates, can set the alarm clock, check the weather, broadcast drama, and Infrared remote with voice control. Moreover, the device pack 1,480 mAh battery coupled with USB-Type C port for charging.

This handset comes in two variants – Qin 1 with 2G, Qin 1s with 4G networks compatibility. The Qin1 is equipped with the Nucleus operating system paired with MediaTek MT6260A chip, 8MB RAM, and 16 MB storage. On the other hand, the Qin1s accumulates the MOCOR5 OS having Spreadtrum SC9820E processor, 256 MB RAM, 512 MB storage and 4G VoLTE support.

Coming to the pricing, The device is priced at 199 CNY, which can be translated into approx. 30 USD or 1,999 INR. Currently, the device is up for contribution and will start shipping from September 15. Looking into specs, this device seems a feature pack phone at a most affordable price.



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