Google sending OTA update for Nexus and Pixel devices with May security patch


Google has started delivering  OTA (over-the-air) update of May Month for pixel and nexus devices. The new update brings several bug fixes, including issues in Remote code execution vulnerability in Mediaserver, and Remote code execution vulnerability in Framework APIs, Mediaserver, Audioserver and more. It also includes Security patch of May month.

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The new update is available for below listed Pixel and Nexus devices:

Pixel and Pixel XL (N2G47O), Nexus 6P (N2G47O), Nexus 5X (N2G47O), Nexus 6 (N6F27C), Nexus 9 Wi-Fi & LTE (N4F27B ), Pixel C (N2G47O). As usual, OTA update takes some time to reach targeted devices. If you still did’t get push notification you can install it manually by following below given links.

Fectory Image | OTA Image | Source



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