iOS 11 public beta 1 has been released – here is how to install iOS11 public beta ?


iOS 11 beta 1 is out for Apple device. If you are having apple device you can install it on you device. The new version looks stable and ready to use on your device without any notable issue. Their are some minor bugs but not big, you might not even notice much if you install new beta version.

Should you really install it or wait for final version?

Usually, beta program updates do’nt be perfect as they release for testing purpose only among their consumers. You might notice some app crashing and lags while using your device. Please use install it at your own risk. If you really want to experience some new features than go ahead otherwise stick on your current version. Apple will probably release final version very soon. I think, If you have patience you should wait for final release as it isn’t far away. One more think, this time you don’t need developer account to access it, you can download it using your Apple id which you are already using on your Apple device.

How to install the iOS 11 public beta

First, which is mandatory step, you have to apply for Apple beta program if you have’nt done already. It might take few minutes to setup account via your apple ID.

Next step is to backup you all current data. If anything goes wrong during installing update, you can get back your current data by restoring backup. I will suggest you, please don’t skip this step to be on safe side. To take backup, connect you device to your laptop via iTunes. It will be batter to save you backup in external device rather then saving in you cloud storage.

Install iOS11 public beta 1


Before installing beta, you need to download OS file by visiting apple beta page. This is very easy to do, just open default browser Safari and Put your apple ID and save file into your internal storage as shown in above image.

courtesy: CNET

For installing, you need to visit Settings > General > Software Update and you will see the public beta as an update just as you would any other iOS update. If it does’t start automatically, you need to click on install button. It will take some time to install, next it will boot into iOS 11 beta version. Just enjoy new features of iOS 11. hopefully, you liked this tutorial. If any question, please let us know in below comment section.


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