Vivo on-screen fingerprint learning video out there on Youtube


Since last couple of years, we haven’t seen any big change in smartphone industry. Companies have been only focusing on to speed up processors and design, even smartphone batteries are being worse than before just because brands aim to provide slim and good looking phones to their consumers. Few days ago we have seen a big move from Vivo who showcased on screen fingerprint scanner by collaborating with Qualcomm. Where we were expecting to first see on Apple or Samsung, Vivo had took brave move to change the industry standard.

Today, a new video out their on YouTube by showing a new learning demo of this innovative technology. Going with this video, On screen scanner looks bit slower than the other fingerprint scanner. Though, currently it is on testing mode while lot more work is left behind to implement it correctly. For detailed information, check out the full learning video given above and explanation is given on gsmarena .

To remind, Vivo has posted a video by summarizing it via short clip. According to Qualcomm, The on screen fingerprint sensor can transmits your fingerprint to the sensor under an OLED display panel by using ultrasonic signals. Video is given below, if you are interested you can watch it for more information:



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