Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XC, iPad Pro (2018), Macbook (2018) and Apple Watch 4 specs-sheet leaked ahead of official launch


As Apple event is coming near we are getting few interesting leaks about the upcoming iPhones and a bunch of other product that might also be announced alongside. Following the same routine, we have few more leaked screenshots revealing the specifications of Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XC, iPad Pro, MacBook (2018) and Apple Watch 4. As with all leaks, we can’t be 100% sure, still, these are good indicators of unleashing the upcoming Apple devices.

Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XC Leaked Specifications

According to the provided screenshots via Chinese social media Weibo, the iPhone XS will have two variants: one with a 5.8-inch display and another one with 6.5-inches display and both of them have OLED panels on the front. The device will have glass back crafted stainless steel from the side corners. As expected, It will be powered by Apple’s A12 chipset paired with 4GB of RAM.

iPhone XS leaked specifications

The device will offer three storage variants: 64GB, 256GB, 512GB alongside three color variants as well, having Space Grey, Silver, and Gold. Following its predecessor, the handset will include Face ID and Dual Lens rear camera. The listing also revealed the price, 899US$ for the 5.8-inch variant, which goes up to 999US$ for the 6.5-inch variant.

iPhone XC Leaked Specifications

Furthermore, The iPhone XC seems a mid-range device (according to Apple’s standard) with a 6.1-inch LCD display. The handset is said to offer glass and Aluminium constructed body, powered by Apple A12 chipset, 3GB RAM, and 64GB + 256GB storage variants. It will have a single rear camera, but interestingly Face-ID is also present on this device. The device is claimed to offer five color variants including Red, Blue, Orange, Grey and White and will be priced at 749US$.

iPad Pro, Apple Watch 4 and Macbook Leaked Specifications

Apple iPad Pro Leaked Specifications

The iPad pro either have to offer two variants with different display sizes. The smaller one has an 11-inch display, while, the bigger one features a 12.9-inch screen and both of them will be dispatched with LCD panels. The tablet will be powered by Apple A12x chipset, will have four storage variants with 64GB, 256GB, 512GB, and whooping 1TB. The device will have Aluminium design with minimal bezels and expected to arrive with three Space Grey, Silver and Gold color options. The Face ID will be used to unlock the device and price is said to be similar to the current iPad pro.

Macbook Pro (2018) Leaked Specifications

As far as Macbook 2018 is concerned, the Apple laptop is said to come with 12-inch and 13-inch display variants. Design-wise, it will be similar to the current MacBook model and the rest of the specs are still unknown. The expected price of the Macbook (2018) is 999US$ for the base variant.

Apple Watch 4 Leaked Specifications

Finally, the Apple Watch 4 will have a 15% bigger display, thinner body and smaller bezels than its predecessor. It will also offer three color variants including Space Grey, Siver, and Gold offering 16GB of internal storage. The watch will be powered by S4 and W3 chipsets depending upon which variant you choose. Also, all the variants will have the Cellular facility for calling with advanced heart rate tracking sensor. Regarding the price, it will cost similar to the current Apple watch.

Wrapping it up, although, we can’t confirm the authenticity of the provided leaks, still possibilities can’t be ignored. Apple is holding a launch event for September 12 and rest of the doubts will be cleared on the given date. What do you guys think about these leaks? Do let’s know in below comment section!


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